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Big East Division

UBL Fixtures and Results for the Big East Division  2017 / 2018 season

01.11.2017 Northolt High School Greenford High School 11-39
06.11.2017 Alec Reed Academy Haydon High School 47-36
08.11.2017 William Perkin CofE School Haydon High School 35-15
13.11.2017 Northolt High School Cardinal Wiseman 14-59
15.11.2017 Greenford High School Alec Reed Academy 39-37
20.11.2017 Northolt High School William Perkin CofE School 29-43
27.11.2017 Cardinal Wiseman Alec Reed Academy 30-38
29.11.2017 William Perkin CofE School Greenford High School 40-39
04.12.2017 Cardinal Wiseman Haydon High School 36-13
06.12.2017 Northolt High School Alec Reed Academy 41-65
09.01.2018 Cardinal Wiseman William Perkin CofE School  
10.01.2018 Alec Reed Academy William Perkin CofE School  
15.01.2018 Haydon High School Greenford High School  
TBC Haydon High School Northolt High School  
TBC Greenford High School Cardinal Wiseman