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U18 Stay Unbeaten 9-0

London United has extended their unbeaten run to 9 games, but have earned their victories in excruciating fashion. United started their game against a spirited Youngblood’s team in a very lethargic fashion, constantly missing defensive adjustments and not being a


U18 London United player C Campbell

ble to score from the simplest positions. There was no surprise then when Youngloods took a  6 point lead into the half time break. The third quarter did not bring any major improvements in United disposition resulting in the game remaining very much in the balance. In the last stanza United seemed to tighten their defence, regained their
shooting touch and took a 16 point lead. Youngblood’s were not prepared to follow this particular script and with a barrage of 3 pointers tied the game at 75 a piece after the regulation time. Extra time brought a lot of excitement with Carl Campbell dominating both boards and Poorman finding this way to the basket proving to be enough to secure the win, 87-83.

Coach Daniel Szatkowski was far from happy when he delivered his verdict: “Maybe there is some merit in the saying that is very important to win when you are playing poorly. Having said that we were simply completely out of focus today and we can’t give performances like that if we want to finish in one of top two positions. On the positive side our next game is against Lewisham and somehow I can’t imagine that we will be not focused against them!”


U16 London United player T Gray

In the previous games London United rather unceremoniously despatched the opposition as follows:

U-19 ABL Competition: London United –Barking and Dagenham College 91-71

U-19 ABL Competition: London United-Havering College135-24

U-18 Premier Competition: Worthing Thunder-London United 54-103


However the most positive and somehow surprising result was produced by London United U18II in the Conference league when they handed Woking Blackhawks their third only defeat this season beating them 69-56. The entire team produced controlled performances with 15 years old Gray relentlessly dominating both boards and Kolesnikovas combined an almost flawless performance as point guard with pretty effective shooting to score 21 points.


U16 London United player K Kolesnikovas