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Successful week for United

London United Basketball Club

London United has accomplished a fairly successful week recording victories for U16, U18 and U19 teams. In the first game chronologically our U19’s demolished Uxbridge College 122-55 in ABL competition. Our Alec Reed U19’s were dominant throughout with Afra Khalil connecting a massive 10 out of 14 three pointers, contributing 41 points in total.

Far more competitive was an encounter in the U18 Premier NBL where United beat Oaklands Wolves 110-95. Our young United players definitely had no problem penetrating Oaklands defences but showed amazing generosity on defensive end displaying questionable concentration and effort. In the last game our U16’s followed suit and beat Barnet Bulldogs 97-70.

Coach Szatkowski was quite philosophical when he delivered his verdict: “I’m not going to complain after winning games but certainly we can play much better and we will have to be much better in the very near future if we want to dominate the leading teams in respective leagues.”

Full Scores:

Alec Reed Academy-Uxbridge College 122-55
Top scorers:
A.Khalil 41, D.Golovcenko 18, E.Poorman 14, N.Ivey 12, V.Olarerin 9, S.Edwards 8, M.Edwards 7, E.Larrey 6, K.Hines 6, A.Yusuf 2, D.Fortune 2, D.Mills 0

U18 South Premier:
London United-Oaklands Wolves 110-96
Top scorers:
E.Poorman 33, K.Szczawinski 20, E.Lartey 18, M.Edwards 13, D.Golovcenko 12, Z.Bentley 7, S.Edwards 4, K.Hines 1

U-16 PremierBarnet Bulldogs- London United 70-97
Top scorers:
D.Kolesnikovas 26, W.White 24, K.Fearon 18, F.Mills 17, J.Oliva 10,M.Omidire 4, D.Lata 0