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Golovcenko follows his American Dream

After two very successful seasons at London United, Dovydas Golovcenko will continue his education and basketball training at the US prep school, American Basketball Institute in Atlanta. Dovydas,6’7’’ small forward with devastating three-point range was very successful both domestically in NBL Senior Mens Division 2 and 4 and internationally in the European Youth Basketball League. Dovydas was instrumental in helping Alec Reed Academy win the ABL trophy in 2018 and also leading London United to the play off Finals in the 2018/19 EYBL competition.

Director of London United, Emma Chambers was full of praise for Dovydas when she stated: ”I think Dovydas is an example of a player who although joined us relatively late, he used his time at London United to the absolute maximum .He is over two meters tall, has almost an unlimited range and releases his shot unbelievably quick. I’m sure that with this kind of package supported by his work ethic he will be very successful on the collegiate level.”

Everyone at London United would like to wish Dovydas Golovcenko the very best as he continues his basketball journey in the USA.064E2804-63E3-488C-B059-287D9CB6873F.jpg