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Costs of Participation

Costs of Participation

The cost of participation in our programmes are listed by squad. Costs of kit and International trips relevant to all players are listed at the end of the page. All parents of players under the age of 18 are required to complete and submit a ‘Player Information and Consent Form’ and ‘Photography Consent’ form prior to participation.

Please note that the costs listed are provisional for the 2018/19 season.

All payments are to e made by bank transfer, details and payment schedule to be issued to players on receipt of consent forms.

U18 Squads

Monthly subscription:

U16 Squad

Minimum of two training sessions per week during the season.
Players have the opportunity to compete in U16 National league competition.
Registration Fee of £40.00 per season to be paid no later than 15.09.19.
Monthly Subscription charged at £45.00 per month to be paid on the 1st of each month charged from 01.08.19 to 19.07.20.
Reduced monthly payments of £30 per month for December 2019 and July 2020 to reflect reduced training sessions.


U14 Squad

Our U14 training sessions will take place every Monday 6:30-8pm at Northolt High School.

Participation in the U14 team costs a registration fee of £45 for the season with £35 monthly payments. (these are reduced to £25 for the months of December and July due to decreased training sessions during these months).


U12 Squad

One training session per week during the season.
Players have the opportunity to compete in U12 Central League dependent on ability.
Registration Fee: £25 per season.
Monthly subscription:
£25 per month
Reduced monthly subscriptions of £20 per month for December 2019 and July 2020 to reflect reduced training sessions.

Compulsory Team Kit

Two sets of playing uniforms (one Navy home kit and one White away kit). Each set consists of one jersey and one shorts. Jerseys are customised with players surname. Cost is £70.00 for both Home and Away kit.

One Warm up t-shirt customised with players Surname. Cost is £15.

Reversible training uniform to be worn at all training sessions. One set consists of one jersey and one shorts. Minimum is one set, however additional sets can be purchased. Cost is £35 per set.

T-shirt to be worn to all away games. Cost is £11.00 per T shirt.

Tracksuit to be worn to all away games. One tracksuit includes one top and one bottoms. Cost is £50.00 per tracksuit.

We operate the following policies regarding kit for all squads:

  • Each player must purchase two sets of playing uniforms and one warm up t-shirt. Playing uniform jerseys are customised with the players surname with each player being allocated a playing number. Playing uniforms remain with the players throughout their entire career with London United, unless a change in size forces the purchase of a new uniform. As an example, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that a player starting his career with United at the U16 level will only need 2 sets of uniforms. However, players starting their career at the age of 12 or younger will certainly be required to purchase larger uniforms as they grow.
  • Players without correct training uniforms will be not allowed to participate in fixtures or training sessions
  • Players are required to wear tracksuits and t-shirts while attending home games and travelling to away games (Tracksuit excluding U12 players).


International Competitions

We aim to keep costs as low as possible, however all costs associated with International Competition are covered by the players.

The Club will participate in EYBL [European Youth Basketball League] in the following age categories: U14 and U20.
Participation in EYBL competition includes a minimum of two trips abroad, with a third depending on qualification to the play off stage of the tournament.
Exact costs of the participation will be announced as soon as the organisers confirm all details of our participation.

As a guide, we expect the cost of participation for players involved in EYBL competition to be as follows:
-One off registration fee of £235 which covers the cost of accommodation and food while abroad for both trips.
-Costs of the flights for each trip on average at £120 for each trip (return flight).
All other foreign trips will be subject to individual arrangements which will be communicated to the players with several month’s notice. Payment in full needs to be made no later than 6 weeks prior to trip departure.