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United make history as the first British team to qualify to a EYBL Play Off

In their third campaign in EYBL competition London United has finally accomplished something no other British team has done before. They booked their place in the EYBL playoff tournament.


The final hurdle was overcome when United beat Spanish Basketball Academy 89-79. Tournament All Star Tomas Butrimas went on a one man crusade scoring 35 points and grabbing 12 rebounds ensuring that United’s passage to the next stage became reality. The ntire game was a rather tense encounter with both teams committing a considerable number of turmovers and having difficulty establishing any kind of fluency in their game. However, United enjoyed a very good period in the third quarter when they established a decisive 15 points lead.


The full results from Stage II of EYBL competition are;

12-01-2019 17:00            London United   78:82     Alba Fehervar

12-01-2019 11:00            Spanish Basketball Academy        79:89     London United

11-01-2019 13:00            London United   71:49     TTU BA

10-01-2019 19:00            NBA Academy Africa       81:64     London United


Coach Szatkowski was very honest in his assessment of the team: ”I don’t think we have played particularly well here but we have won the games which really mattered. I really think that we should have done much better against NBA Academy Africa, we had a real chance to win this game and we haven’t executed our plays properly in the last 3 minutes. Now we have more than 2 months to prepare ourselves for the play-off.”


The EYBL playoff competition will take place 21-24 March 2019 in Pecs, Hungary.